May Lawn Care Tips

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April showers bring May flowers. May also comes with different watering needs than other months. How can a property owner determine which lawn care services are required and whether their land is getting the correct amount of moisture? J. Rick Lawn & Tree offers information on watering the lawn at this crucial time and what a property owner needs to do to ensure the soil is getting the right amount of moisture at any given time.

Testing a Sprinkler System

May is a great time to test the sprinkler system to ensure it is working correctly and all areas of the yard are receiving the proper amount of water. An easy way to do so is to set a gauge in the area to be measured and run the sprinkler system for a preset period of time. Use the gauge to determine how much water is received and compare this to information on how much is needed. Most communities will supply this information at no charge. Keep in mind that the time of day can also impact how much water the lawn receives. Evaporation tends to be an issue between the hours of 10 am and 6 pm, so try to avoid watering during these times.

Take Runoff Into Account

Runoff may be a problem for some property owners. Runoff is the result of soil that is unable to absorb all water being put out. To prevent this from happening, a property owner may find he or she needs to water the lawn multiple times in one day, as opposed to doing so all at once. By running the water more than once, the property owner allows this moisture to soak into the soil and provide the water needed for the landscape to thrive.

Adjusting the Sprinkler System

Adjustments may need to be made to the sprinkler system after testing is complete. In a semi-arid climate, two inches of water each week may be required. The testing process is of great help in figuring out if these needs are being met. Use coffee cans or a rain gauge to see how much water is actually entering the soil and make any adjustments that are needed at this time. However, be aware that watering needs differ throughout the year, thus the testing process should be carried out regularly.

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